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Tanzania Airports Authority Statistics

  • TAA-Aircraft Movements
    Tanzania Airports Authority
  • TAA-Number of Passengers
    TAA - Number of Passengers
  • TAA-Cargo in Tons
    TAA - Cargo in Tons

Julius Nyerere International Airport Statistics

  • JNIA-Aircraft Movements
    JNIA - Aircraft Movements
  • JNIA-Number of Passengers
    JNIA - Number of Passengers
  • JNIA-Cargo in Tons
    JNIA - Cargo in Tons

Mwanza Airport

  • MWZ-Aircraft Movements
    MWZ - Aircraft Movements
  • MWZ-Number of Passengers
    MWZ - Number of Passengers
  • MWZ-Cargo in Tons
    MWZ - Cargo in Tons

Songwe Airport

  • MBEYA-Aircraft Movements
    MBEYA - Aircraft Movements
  • MBEYA-Number of Passengers
    MBEYA - Number of Passengers

Arusha Airport

  • JNIA-Aircraft Movements
    Arusha - Aircraft Movements
  • JNIA-Number of Passengers
    Arusha - Number of Passengers

Lake Manyara Airport

  • JNIA-Aircraft Movements
    Lake Manyara - Aircraft Movements
  • JNIA-Number of Passengers
    Lake Manyara - Number of Passengers

Welcome to TAA

Tanzania Airports Authority (TAA)  was established on 29th November 1999 vide Government Notice Number 404 of 1999 under the Executive Agency Act Number 30 of 1997. The Authority assumed the functions of the former Directorate of Aerodromes under the Ministry of Communications and Transport currently the Ministry of Works, Transport and Communications . The establishment of the Agency is part of the Government efforts in changing the public service structure which is geared towards improving service delivery

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