Aeronautical Fees

The landing charges for Tanzania registered aircraft have been progressively at variance with those of foreign aircraft due to the continued devaluation of the Tanzania shilling against the US Dollar.

The first phase which set charges for locally registered aircraft to 50% equivalent of the USD charge rate, was implemented on 1 September 2002.

The phase that followed, where landing charge rates would be equal to those applicable to foreign registered aircraft was implemented effective 1 September 2004.

With effect from 1 January 2012 the following rates were applicable in Tanzania: -

    1. Passenger service charge

      Whenever departing from the government aerodrome a passengers is charged airport services charge as follows:

        • Domestic flight: T shs 10,000.00
        • International flight: US $40.00 or equivalent in a convertible currency.
    2. Landing Charges
      Airport   Charge per 1,000Kg or part thereof-USD   Charge per 1,000Kg or part thereof-Tshs
      Dar es salaam, Kilimanjaro,Zanzibar and Pemba   USD 5.00   Equivalent Tanzania Shilling
      Dodoma,Kigoma,Mtwara,Mwanza,Songea,Tabora and Tanga.   USD 4.50   Equivalent Tanzania Shilling
      Arusha, Bukoba, Iringa, Kilwa, Lake Manyara, Lindi, Mafia, Moshi, Musoma, Nachingwea, Njombe, Shinyanga and Songwe.   USD 4.00   Equivalent Tanzania Shilling
      Other government aerodromes   USD 3.00   Equivalent Tanzania Shilling

Note: For ease of calculation, the Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA) sets and fixes constant exchange regularly.The set exchange rate will be published in an AIP Supplement.

  1. Parking Charges.
    Aircraft WeightCharges Per Aircraft (after the first two hours)
      Aircraft Registered in Tanzania Foreign Registered Aircraft
    Up to 20,000 Kg Tshs 1000 per 12 hours or part thereof US $5.00 per 12 hours or part thereof
    20,000Kg - 60,000 Kg Tshs 1000 per 6 hours or part thereof US $5.00 per 6 hours or part thereof
    More than 60,000 Kg Tshs 1000 per hour or part thereof US $5.00 per hour or part thereof



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