Passenger screening

Passenger screening is done to ensure traveler safety and security as they leave the airport. It is conducted at different screening points starting with the entrance area into the departure terminal and ending with one last screening point before passengers go through the boarding gates.

Five simple tips to get through passenger screening with ease

  1. Declare and surrender any weapons and other prohibited items [insert hyperlink to list of prohibited items] such as liquids, aerosols and gels that are above the restricted amounts to the security officer at the respective screening point.

  2. Remove your shoes, belt and other metal objects such as keys, coins, eye glasses and any jewelry that may cause the alarm on the metal detector to go off then walk through the metal detector.
  3. If the metal detector alarm goes off after removing the above items, you will be asked by the screening officer to remove any other item that may contain a metal object and then walk through the metal detector a second time.
  4. If the metal detector still goes off, you may be asked to take part in a frisk (pat down) search or be searched using a handheld metal detector. You may request that such screening be done in a private room. Please talk to the screening officer to make these arrangements.
  5. Let screening staff know if you have any medical condition(s) that may cause the metal detector alarm to go off; for example, an implanted metallic joint.

NOTE: Passengers who refuse to be screened will not be allowed to pass through the security screening point or to board their flight.

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