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Governing Laws/Acts

Why Should You Take Yellow Fever Vaccination?

Vaccination against yellow fever is required to prevent the importation of yellow fever virus into countries which had never reported any case of yellow fever but where the mosquito vector and non-human primate hosts are present. In those settings, vaccination is an entry requirement for all travelers arriving (including airport transit) from countries where there is a risk of yellow fever transmission or any disembarkation to endemic areas after 24 hours.

If yellow fever vaccination is contraindicated for medical reasons, a letter of medical exemption is necessary.

Validity of Certificate

  • Certificate is validity only if the vaccine has been approved by the WHO and if the vaccinating center has been designated by the health administration for the territory in which that center is situated.
  • The international certificate of vaccination for yellow fever vaccine becomes valid 10 days after primary vaccination and remains valid for a period of 10 years.
  • The certificate must be signed in his own hand by a medical practitioner or other person by the national health administration; his official stamp is not an accepted substitute for his signature.
  • Any amendment of this certificate, or failure to complete any part of it, may render it in invalid.
  • The certificate shall be fully completed in English or in French. The certificate may also be completed in another language on the same document, in addition to either English or French.

Sample Certificate












Yellow Fever Pandemic Zone














Designated Vaccinated Centers In Tanzania Mainland

S/NName of vaccination CenterRegionS/NName of vaccination CenterRegionS/NName of vaccination CenterS/N
1. Julius Nyerere International Airport Dar Es Salaam 8. Mwanza Port Mwanza 15. Kasumulo Frontier Post Mbeya
2. Sea Port Dar Es Salaam 9. Kabanga Frontier Post Kagera 16. MbambaBay Frontier Post Ruvuma
3. Kilimanjaro International Airport Arusha 10. Mtukula Frontier Post Kagera 17. Tunduma Frontier Post Mbeya
4. Tanga Sea port Tanga 11. Kigoma Frontier Post Kigoma 18. Mtambaswala Mtwara
5. Holili frontier post Kilimanjaro 12. Isaka Dry Port Shinyanga      
6. Horohoro Frontier Post Tanga 13. Rusumo Frontier Post Kagera      
7. Tarakea Frontier Post Kilimanjaro 14. Sirari Frontier Post Mara      


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